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The guide above helps explain your upper cervical care. Learn about upper cervical care in Strongsville at Upper Cervical Strongville which can be the most important thing you can learn about regaining your health. See how one vertebra can have so much impact on health. The procedure of upper cervical care is quite a unique form of treatment that involves specifically measuring the movement at the first cervical vertebra, that being the Atlas.

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Then learn about this procedure at Upper Cervical Strongsville. It has helped so many people over the years. This very unique procedure, upper cervical care, is a chiropractic procedure and really helps with posture control. It is upper cervical chiropractic care, practiced by less than 500 practitioners in the United States. Obviously, there aren’t very many and that is one of the reasons why it is not so well known.

That equates to hundreds of thousands of people per practitioner. The procedure was developed because of how vulnerable this area is to move and how much this area was involved in all sorts of accidents, injuries, and joint stress situations.

The upper cervical area helps to control your posture. Think about your head that weighs about 8-9 lbs. It is balanced on top of the atlas vertebrae, which is the same vertebra that upper cervical chiropractic care is based on.

The atlas is a doughnut-shaped bone that surrounds the brain stem. The brain stem is the area at the base of the brain that communicates the life energy from the brain to the body and interprets the body’s information back to the brain so that the body can function.

The atlas and the brain stem are critical areas

The atlas area is a freely movable area, which makes it very vulnerable to injuries. It functions in a way that allows you to move your head and that is why it is freely movable. Because it is freely movable, it is, therefore, susceptible to all sorts of injuries as stated before.

#1 - the brain stem is vital to life,

#2 - the atlas formed around the brain stem and how susceptible it is to injury, and causing nerve interference.

If that is understood, then this is the area where our office may be able to help you. We find the atlas problem and measure it, figure how to reduce the problem, apply the principles of physics to make this vertebra gently move back into position, and lastly to make sure it has moved in the correct direction.

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Want to learn more about Orthospinology and the unique form of care that Dr. Anthony Fiorini of Upper Cervical Strongsville? Then click on the video thumbnail to watch a short 2-minute overview video.

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