Cause of Migraine Headache in Strongsville

Chiropractic Strongsville OH Causes of Migraines

The cause of migraine headaches in Strongsville can be helped in many to most cases. Have you ever wondered what the cause of migraine headache is? The cause is located in the upper neck area. Dr. Fiorini has dealt with this ailment successfully for 35 years. He practices in Strongsville, Ohio.

What Causes Migraines in Strongsville

Everything has a cause. Migraine headache certainly has a cause. Yes, there are hereditary predispositions to migraine headache or simply it runs in the family. Your grandmother had them, or mother or father has them.

The person who has migraines is called a migraineur. People with migraine are categorized that way. If you are likely to have migraine then what triggers them in you. That is a cause of migraine headaches.

One area that has not been investigated is the role that the atlas and axis vertebra play in the role of producing migraine headaches. These vertebrae are located at ear level. It is a donut-shaped vertebra, that being the atlas and is responsible for so much pain and discomfort other than migraine.

If an individual’s posture is stressed then that produces stress, after a long enough time it may produce a series of migraines or flare-ups of migraine headaches. The cause is the cause, because it is the root cause. How does one know it’s the cause? Well, if a procedure is performed on this area and your headaches are greatly reduced then we have a cause of course. That is not to say that these will not come back at some point. Of course not.

The cause may return due to you not knowing what the trigger activity or bad movement actually is. Think of someone with high blood pressure. They always have their blood pressure checked. Don’t they? If you have kidney disease or heart disease you are repeatedly checked throughout one’s life. So the same goes here that a few checkups per year can alleviate so much pain and discomfort from this menacing problem that occurs in this upper area of the spine.

If there are visual symptoms then the migraine actually electrically tracks across the back of the brain changing the position of the visual disturbance until it goes away. Sometimes children have had nausea but do not have a headache. Actually the migraine is producing nausea and vomiting and not the flu or a virus that was mistakenly thought years ago.

There is a very good chance that one knows that the cause of migraine headaches is being solved when they lessen or when the predictability that migraine is occurring when certain signs are evident. The individual that is trained to see this phenomenon is quite accurate in knowing that the individual had a migraine or is having a migraine. The cause of migraine headaches can be controlled in most cases and can be controlled without the constant need for procedures being done.

The individual can learn the bad effects he or she has on their health by the improper things that are done in their activities of daily living.

Find the problem, fix it and control its position though proper postural knowledge. The cause of migraine headaches can be helped if the pain goes away.


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