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Chiropractic Strongsville OH Headaches on the Back of the Head

The headache in the back of the head can stay there and cause a lot of grief. There are easy long-lasting methods. Having a headache in the back of the head is caused by stretching and straining the muscles located in the back of the head. Here is how our Strongsville Chiropractors can help relieve your pain.

Head Pain in Strongsville

Think if your head was actually weighed by itself it would weigh about the same as a bowling ball that is 8 or 9 pounds. The bowling ball actually is situated upon a cue ball as an example of how fragile the movement can be, and produce headache back of the head.

The only thing giving this area any stability is near the perfect balance of muscles and joints holding things together. An abrupt blow can cause what is called a derangement or misalignment in other words the bone in the upper neck went out of alignment.

We have this skull balancing on the neck and now we have to move our neck in all directions and keep things balanced. This leads to a headache in the back of the head.

Really it works pretty well until we have an accident or injury whereby it (meaning the atlas vertebra) can misalign and cause problems of a neurological nature and the worst of all is that it can go unnoticed. It goes unnoticed for a whole lifetime until someone finds it that is specially trained to look for it and find it.

This area can misalign and stay misaligned forever. The muscles at the headache in the back of the head area are very tiny and are not made to do a lot of work. If they do you get a headache in the back of the head. It is best to have proper alignment to ease the workload on these muscles so that they do the least amount of work. These muscles at the back of the head are helped by massage, heat, cold and trigger point therapy.

The most desirable approach is to properly balance the joints so these muscles do not have to work so hard. If they are not overworked then the headache in the back of the head is likely prevented from coming back.

In addition, good activities of daily living and good work habits decrease stress. Chronic pain comes from having bad ergonomic or work habits. Remember to bend, lift and reach properly and life is easier.

The headache on top of the head is another pain situation involving headaches that just keeps coming back. This is likely referred to pain or pain that does not originate on the top of the head. Stress in life can cause the muscles in the neck and shoulders to become quite tense and uncomfortable.

What happens so much of the time is that prolonged sitting doing computer work or the like can cause a buildup of lactic acid in the muscles causing pain. So the neck and shoulders stress can be the triggers for the headache on top of the head. The origin of the referred pain is then in the neck and shoulders. Yes, a lot of the time it works that way.

Stress Build Up in the Spine

Also, you are programmed to build up stress in your spine because of the bad posture you have. The stress just loads up! No, I do not mean the posture that you think you can control but the background posture or posture you get after years of injuries not being corrected……the posture you cannot control. The muscles of the neck can become very tight when trying to create balance, in trying to hold an 8-pound head in as good as a position as possible.

Working better at home as well as at work can be very helpful in solving future and present difficulties. Getting the posture corrected can help a great deal. When you have a headache there are also some accompanying symptoms such as irritability, difficulty sleeping and back or neck or joint pain or other muscular or joint problems.

Learn about the relief for headache in the back of the head. See Dr. Fiorini in Strongsville, OH for answers to your headache discomfort.


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