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Welcome to Upper Cervical Strongsville in Strongsville, Ohio.

At Upper Cervical Strongsville in Strongsville, Ohio we do our best to give you our best that we have developed over the past decades. We love what we do and want to bring our help to you so that you can deal with your health problems successfully. Our goal to you is service that will give you relief and relief that lasts. We also enjoy showing how we can help you make the great effects from our treatment last. Our chiropractor in Strongsville wants to see you succeed in your health endeavors. When you feel good then you can feel like you can address other issues of concern such as exercise, appropriate diet and sleep.

Welcome to Upper Cervical Strongsville

Our office is located on Pearl Road (Route 42) at Albion Place (10750 Pearl Rd., Suite E2). It is south of the Metro parks at the corner of Albion and Pearl. Our location is conveniently located between Albion and Royalton Road (Route 82). I am very close to the Turnpike entrance and I 71.

As a Strongsville chiropractor I have examined thousands of people over the years and have seen their upper cervical problems go unattended. They develop problems and get worse. Sometimes they get better on their own but there is one focused area of pain that just will not go away. We focus on the upper cervical area. Like an upper cervical colleague said one time “That’s where the action is”. What that means is this is the area that is so freely movable and is susceptible to injury and once injured and misaligned has a hard time getting back into alignment unless their particular problem is measured and dealt with.

Upper Cervical Strongsville
10750 Pearl Road Suite E2
Strongsville, OH 44136
(440) 238-8225


Want to learn more about Orthospinology and the unique form of care that Dr. Anthony Fiorini of Upper Cervical Strongsville? Then click on the video thumbnail to watch a short 2 minute overview video.



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At Upper Cervical Strongsville we treat all areas of the spine but have special focus on the upper cervical spine. We have great success with headaches, vertigo and dizziness especially after injuries, falls and auto accidents. So often patients wonder where their symptoms came from and just cannot figure it out. Usually the upper cervical spine was involved with conditions that do not resolve because the effects of injury can remain for a lifetime. We know that the upper cervical spine is so important because it is the most freely movable area of the spine and is the most susceptible area to injury. It is my understanding after so many years in practice that many of us suffer from past injury. Looking to the upper cervical spine is the root cause of one’s symptom (s) and is so important to getting well along with treating other areas of the spine.

I became a chiropractor in Strongsville, Ohio after moving from the Youngstown, Ohio area and seeing the community develop from the 1970s. I always remember that little town that had the July homecoming which would later be attended for so many years with my family. I watched it develop from the small crossroads it was to the great city it has become. In the 1980s there were only two chiropractors in town. I was the second one that opened an office on Pearl Road. I always appreciated the tremendous location of Strongsville, Ohio the Crossroads of America. Strongsville, Ohio is a great place to live for so many reasons and I cannot think of living anywhere else.


Here at Upper Cervical Strongsville we treat neck and back pain but especially chronic Headache, Migraine, Vertigo and Dizziness.

After being in my 4th decade of practice I’ve seen so many commonalities regarding misconceptions about chiropractic care. One of these misconceptions would be the idea that such a light treatment could do so much good solving many problems or conditions. So often patients come in because they heard about upper cervical technique and want what their friend or family had regarding relief. Many patients feel that the treatment is very light and wonder how that light treatment could do anything to help. Upper cervical care helps to recalibrate your balance and equilibrium. So often patients feel straighter and they know that it lasts. Upper cervical care actually changes their posture without them thinking about their posture. They realize that is how to keep muscles, joints and tissues under much less stress which means solving so much pain.