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Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about chiropractors in Strongsville. Knowing the answers to these important questions will help you pick the best chiropractor in Strongsville for you. If we didn't cover a question you may have, give Upper Cervical Strongsville a call at (440) 238-8225 and we will be more than happy to help answer your question.

Well, this depends on how long from the beginning of this problem. Maybe you were a difficult birth or maybe had a fall from a bike. Perhaps you played high school football or had an injury at work or in an auto collision. This is part of the equation but it still is remarkable that a case that should take a long time to have healing makes remarkable progress in a short time, sometimes in days or weeks and even more remarkable in minutes and sometimes immediate improvement is realized.

There are others that do take three or four weeks before improvement is made but we are likely going to refer you if you are not getting better by one month. In fact, we like to see someone around 50% better in two to three weeks. Lastly, if you cooperate with me for that short period you are likely going to have a big plus in getting well faster.

I would have to say no to that. No two people are alike and no two upper cervical problems are alike, because of the fact that all people are different with different injuries, different tissue makeup, and differing healing. The upper cervical problems are generally categorized and sub-categorized but there are different ways each case may respond.

The upper cervical area taps into the posture control area. That means that treating the upper neck can change improper weight balance, shoulder levels, and hip levels. That means the whole spine changes when the neck changes. Muscles and joints change because of that in a good way because gravitational stress is lessened and brought toward normal. You can actually feel your footing change as well as your gait or the feel of your walk.

Some people and perhaps you would feel that you are not getting better because you have this or that symptom. It’s like this….Do you really think the body’s nervous system is changed and automatically you should feel immediately better?

Think of this; if you break your arm or leg how long does it take for that to heal? A cut doesn’t heal immediately. The nervous system needs some time to sort out the correction and make appropriate changes toward normal. The upper cervical bone is moved toward normal and so the nervous system needs its chance to formulate change. The nervous system is the vital energy source of the body. Give it a chance or perhaps you will miss out.

Here is a question and answer for your better understanding. Your upper cervical problem could lie in wait. In other words, you are predisposed to problems occurring especially if you do something almost insignificant like sneezing or turning off your alarm clock, which may trigger neck pain, dizziness, vertigo or even lower back pain.

I recommend that if you have an upper cervical problem, you have an upper cervical problem, not unlike any other health condition. You will not always be symptomatic but it is best to be periodically checked for the stabilization of this area to the extent of an upper cervical chiropractic physician. If you are re-injured the symptoms could return the same way or with new symptoms. For most people, this area stabilizes and period checkups are wise.

Let’s face it all of us are under the stress of gravity and the stress of work or play. These activities of daily living can place stress on the spine and if not done correctly can result in a problem. The astronauts on the space shuttle actually increase in height up in space. That is how profound it is.

If the mechanism that controls posture is getting wrong information, your posture will move into a bad pattern, eventually tiring muscles and stressing joints. Having better posture control is key. You know this situation as pain. This kind of question and answer can help you get a better understanding of why you have pain standing or when you first stand up.

You and your family should be checked for an upper cervical problem because an improper working nervous system that is not working properly can be a reason for problems and conditions to occur. An examination focused on the upper cervical spine can help understand the origin of your problem. I hope the question and answer were of help.


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