Back Pain Symptoms in Strongsville

Chiropractic Strongsville OH Back Pain Symptoms

The understanding of back pain symptoms can lead to fewer or no symptoms through a great procedure. We want to help you avoid back pain in Strongsville that could be become chronic.

Avoid Back Pain in Strongsville

Avoid back pain symptoms because it can turn into a chronic condition.

These may be:

  • Sharp
  • Dull
  • Shooting
  • Aching
  • Tingling
  • Stiff
  • Antalgic
  • Radiating

If you are having this discomfort those pains and discomforts appear, from the joints, muscles, ligaments, and nerves, look to upper cervical care. Dr. Fiorini has practiced spinal care for 43 years. He practices in Strongsville, OH.

Unhealthy Organs Can Lead to Back Pain

In addition, the organs of the body can refer to discomfort to the back. This referred pain can be a very localized area on the back and kidney infections can refer a discomfort like this.

The stomach and pancreas can in a state of disease refer discomfort to the back?

One of the questions, when back pain symptoms are evident, is that if the pain is due from organs or the spine itself. Well, most of the time it is from the spine.

If you have pain while resting and moving into various positions does not seem to have an impact then the spine may not be involved.

What are the causes of Muscle Strain?

Muscle strain can cause a dull ache or a sharp pain? If the discomfort continues on and on then where is the pain coming from? The muscle(s) can go into spasm causing more intense pain. Symptoms may be very severe and the condition you may be experiencing may not be a severe condition.

Sometimes the pain can be severe to the point one cannot stand up straight. That is called antalgia. On occasion, the pelvis may sway to the left or right. When the pelvis has shifted and you can see it in the mirror the intense discomfort is usually worse after resting or sitting; when you try to move into a standing posture it may become almost impossible. This discomfort can be severe enough to cause antalgia or the inability to stand up straight.

Sometimes the discomfort can be severe enough to cause the pelvis to sway left or right of the midline. Certain positions can be very irritating in flaring the pain. Sitting or lying on the sides of the body can really place stress on the locked areas of the back. Sometimes the antalgia or inability to stand can even cause you to have pains in the legs aside from being a severe disc problem.

Is leg pain causing your back issues?

The severe leg pain is likely more serious if there is nerve pressure on a spinal nerve root that can cause radiating leg pain or arm pain. Also, what happens is that numbness or loss of sensitivity or pins and needle sensations occurs.

Radiating down the back into the buttock, thigh, calf and even foot with pain and/or numbness is a severe symptom that can come from sciatica. If the bladder or bowel let go and you lose control with this kind of back pain symptom it could be from a more serious condition called cauda equina syndrome; this is a medical emergency.

Remember back pain symptoms can be helped tremendously by upper cervical care. Give our experienced team a call at (440) 238-8225 for more information!


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