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Chiropractic Strongsville OH Stomach and Back Pain

The stomach and back pain origin involves some confusion. See the stomach and back pain in Strongsville at Upper Cervical Strongsville. This organ pain has a variety of origins. Treating the joints of the spine can really help sometimes because of a thing called referred pain. Pain can be referred to where this organ is.

The Nervous System is Important in Strongsville

The nervous system is first identified in a fetus. There is a nerve connection between the upper neck area and the abdominal organs. The brain and brain stem are key areas when you look at the connection between spine and organ.

It is reasonable that if someone has a problem with the upper cervical spine as far as a joint movement that can cause a change with the brain stem then the stomach could reasonably be involved.

In fact, this happens with a migraine headache. One of the indications of vomiting would indicate central nervous system involvement. Nerves cause organs to change the way they work.

There is clinical evidence that people who have constipation respond with upper cervical care. It also helps those with acid reflux and excess gas from the lack of movement in the bowels. Yes, there is a connection between the nerve and stomach.

That certainly does not mean that one should forget about this organ itself. Both are important to look at. Unfortunately, most of the population does not realize that the upper cervical nervous system has an effect on the autonomic nervous system or the nervous system to the organs.

Sure listen to your physician and get checked out about spine or organ pain or symptoms thoroughly, but what happens when it turns up nothing.

Always have the qualified upper cervical practitioner look at your posture. The administration of upper cervical care is important in the stomach and back pain problems.

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